The name of the boat is Mouni and she is a “Koster”boat. Nowadays Koster is known as a underwater national park, but in this context Koster refers to a family of boats developed in the late 19th century for the harsh environment on the west coast of Sweden . Originally they were fishing boats but in the mid 20th century they were adapted to ocean racing and over the years achieved several top positions in transatlantic races. Even in modern times these boats are considered very seaworthy and despite their age they remain popular for ocean voyage. This particular boat is a constructed by the Swedish boat designer Arvid Laurin and built by the shipyard Trio Marin 1976. Laurin was skeptical to the “new” plastic material and therefore constructed a very sturdy and thick hull. Laurin designed many different models and this particular model (L32) was designed with the big oceans in mind.

Mouni sailing in the Swedish archipelago (Photo credit: Rolf Grossman)

LOA                  9,89 m (32 feet)
LWL                  8,60 m
Beam               2,88 m
Draft                 1,5 m
Displacement 4,6 ton
Keel (iron)       2,2 ton
Sail area          47,85 m2

Renovation work
Since buying Mouni in 2015, we have started to carefully renovate her into a boat that suits us not only to live aboard, but also sailing on the big seas. A summary of the work we have done will be updated continuously here.

Before we left home port:
Installing electric propulsion
Removing five through-hull fittings
Installing new lithium batteries
and Solar regulator
Constructing a bowsprit
Installing LED navigation lights
Installing a new boom
Installing a VHF antenna on the mast and antenna cable
Moving the toilet to the forepeak
Building new wardrobes
Changing the countertop in the galley
Installing new sink and tap in the galley
Painting the galley
Building a drawer for the fridge
Building a new base for the berth
Insulating the boat with cork
Building a new ladder
Custom-made mattress and covers

After we left home port:
New life raft
Building a new tiller
Painting the ceiling
Installing and mounting VHF & AIS
Raising the berths and new building a new base
Building new entrance doors