The Balearics part II: Relaxing at Formentera island

I think most of our friends would be surprised if we said that we loved the buzz at Ibiza. Sure, it was a very interesting place to visit and I’m glad that we did. But when you can’t sleep in a small bay at anchor because the club on the beach is still having a party at 4 a.m., you kind of long for a calm place where dropping an anchor means enjoying nature. The weather didn’t allow for us to visit northern Ibiza at this time, instead we left the insanely huge yachts at southern shore of Ibiza (note the “tiny” catamaran on the side of the yacht on the photo below) and headed south to the islands of Espalmador and Formentera. I’ll be honest with you, I had not heard about Formentera before we started reading in the pilot book of the Balearics our Norwegian friend gave us way back up in A Coruna.


Simply put, you go to Ibiza to party and you go to Formentera to relax on the beach. Although Formentera has a nice village where the ferry from Ibiza stops, there is not so much else to do but to enjoy the sun and the sea. We decided to row ashore and enjoy the sunset with some sangria on one of the beach restaurants.


The sunsets here are something else, and when the sun sets most of the yachts leave for their home harbour and you can enjoy a bit more room to swing around the anchor.


At first, we didn’t intend to go to Formentera, but to the private island Espalmador – the island known both for its pink sand and the high frequency of celebrities. As usual though we arrived too late to get one of the moorings and had to drop the anchor outside Formentera instead. The next day we decided to take a walk furthest north on the island, to at least get a closer glimpse of Espalmador. There are beaches on both sides and low vegetation on the top.

DSCN0230DSCN0237The path takes you past both nudist beaches, beautiful cliffs and stone sculptures. Fomentera and Espalmador is separated by a shallow stretch of water and there is a beach on the north side of Formentera which overlooks the private island. Very few people make the effort to walk that far north and we basically got the beach for ourselves.



After dropping of Caroline it was then time for us to leave the Balearics and turn back to the mainland again. By then we had realized that it was time for us to either sell the boat or head back home. The passage back went rather smooth but I won´t deny that it felt a bit sad.


That journey has taken many turns since then, and we are now both back in Portugal to try and sort it out. Pleeease keep your fingers crossed that all the issues we have faced will resolve in this week so that we can get back home and start the next chapter in our lives – voluntarily land-bound.

– Petra





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