A sailors guide to Porto

Bon dia!

We never really planner to go to Porto, but the winds wanted us there so we obliged 🙂 Out by the coast west of Porto lies Leixões. It’s a busy port both in terms of freight ships and ferries, so it was a challenge entering at a time where we weren’t in the way. Entering the same time as us was another sail boat “Pegasus” and after tying up we celebrated another safe passage with its owner, Stuart, from England.

Leixões is a modern town that lies along a long sandy beach by the sea. It is convenient to explore Porto from Leixões, you just have to cross the bridge and jump on a train that takes 20 minute to the city center (Trinidade). The crew of Mouni and Pegasus were ready to explore the town!


This is the city where even the train station is worth a visit to admire the decorative tiles showing part of the history – battles and city life. Continuing up the hill the obligatory touristy thing to do is to climb up and walk across the large bridge of Ponte do Luiz. It offers breath-taking views and on the other side in Castelo the different brands of port is seen by the river, offering guided tours and tastings.

porto bridgeDSC_6051.JPG

But we spent most of our time on the Porto side, enjoying the architecture, watching the locals watching the tourists, and stopping for a treat on some of the countless restaurants and bars for a treat. There is more types of port than we can count 😉 And there is reason to take a break once in a while, since the town has several hills that you climb up and down.


Back in Leixões, we decided to do a bit of boat work and sent Stine up the mast to attach some covers on the spreaders to protect the sail. There was a nice community among the sailors in the harbour. We talked to Irish, Finish, Norwegian, British and French crew. Some were on their way south like us and some were on their way home after sailing a few years. The Norwegian couple a few boats down from us gave us a shackle we needed to finish some improvements on the boat, big thanks for that!


The next day we embarked on a long sail that would provide sunny weather, varying wind and dolphins on our way to Caiscais. But more about that next time!

– Petra


Since the entering Porto can be tricky in rough weather and at certain tides. Leixões can be a better option (We paid 15€). Be aware when entering Leixões that there is a lot of commercial traffic (keep the VHF on) and there can be large breaking waves close to the breakwater. The marina has a visiting pontoon straight to the left as you enter the marina. There is a small chandlery next to the office.



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