¿Quién eres tú?

Don´t you worry! We have not disappeared into the sea or forgotten about you, it´s just that we don´t have any internet in the marina and have been quite busy


Since we last wrote, we have finished the last stretch of France and sailed across the Bay of Biscay to Spain. We will stay put one more week since Petras parents are coming for a visit. But more about that when I find some internet and can upload some pictures and videos – this time we are writing for a different reason.

Writing this blog can be quite therapeutic as a means to process everything we do, see and feel. It definitely is fun to have a use for some of all the pictures we take, and to save some parts of the journey for the future. But it can also be quite hard work and not always the thing you want to spend the evenings doing. The comments and cheering we sometimes get here on the blog or on Facebook (link) makes it worth the effort – and we really enjoy hearing your thoughts.

So now that we don´t have enough internet to share some new comment I wanted to direct this post to you!

Who are you?

We know who some of our most dedicated readers are, but I am still curious. So if you are still reading, please leave a comment below and let us know where we reach out.

What would be interesting is to hear why you read this blog, and what you would like to read more about.

So, challenge us! Ask us a question or suggest a topic that you would like to read more about and we will try our best to oblige in the coming months.

Last but not least – THANK YOU for reading and sharing this adventure with us!


– Petra & Jens


Author: sailingforharmony

Cruising the oceans, exploring the world

13 thoughts on “¿Quién eres tú?”

  1. Hi Petra and Jens! Well, you wanted to know who reads the blog. I do it, as you see. Not every post, but plenty of them. Nice to hear about your adventures.
    We all have different adventures. Mine is more close to every day life…
    Very best of regards and best wishes for the continuation.
    Martin J


    1. Nice to have you onboard Martin! 😉 It´s interesting how any adventure also turns into everyday life, there are so many routines; cleaning, cooking and maintenance that sometimes makes you forget that this would be considered any adventure at all… But I guess that is just being human. Hope all is well in Västerås!


  2. Hej Petra and Jens!
    This is Hans from Geddeholm and the red sailing yacht S/Y Rubina. I liked your attitude when we met in the harbour and I was a bit worried about your wintersailing plans. Heading in the wrong direction – north! Started to enjoy your stories and will continue to do so.
    Some Q:
    I woud like to see some more technical comments from you. E.g what limitations do you see from your electrical drive? Enter a harbour in strong wind must be a challange wiith limited power? If you need to motor for several hours is that possible with help of the genset? At what speed?
    Life onboard: Do you have a heater onbord for the cold nights in dec/Jan? Exept for the electric heater. Temperature onboard?
    Keep on writing and enjoying life in harmony! Wish you a safe and warm future sailing .
    (Are comment welcome also in swedish?)


    1. Hej Hans!
      Går lika bra att skriva på svenska, vi skriver på engelska bara för att dem vi möter på färden också ska kunna följa oss. Vinterseglingen var rätt så krävande men också fantastisk natur och människomöten sådär off-season.

      We will definitely write a post reflecting on what it means to sail far with only electric engine onboard! It definitely requires some more planning and patience. And the life on-board we will continue writing about.

      Hoppas du får en fin sommarsäsong med s/y Rubina!


  3. Hi Petra & Jens, Its Paul & Linda here from Newlyn. We love following your voyage on line, keep up the good work. I don’t know what your plans are for sailing in The Med this summer, but just in case you happen to be planning a trip around The Greek Islands, we are planning a holiday in Corfu on 7-14 July. It would be great to meet you there.


    1. Hi Paul & Linda! Great to have you onboard! We have been thinking a long time that we would like to go to Greece, but not sure that we will and at what time. If we are there around that week we will definitely contact you guys! We still miss having bikes onboard, will have to sort that out sooner or later 😉
      All the best!


    1. Hej Markus! Kul att du är med på resan! Peken har varit till stor nytta, men också varit med om lite äventyr som du kanske läst på bloggen. Men med starkare kedja och nät istället för trä på toppen så har den fungerat perfekt!
      Hoppas allt är bra där hemma, och tack igen för att du kom till Lövudden och hjälpte oss.


  4. Hello Petra and Jens!
    I like following you because as a younger person than I am now (70) I always wanted to make a long sailing trip, lasting for at least one year. I loved sailing and I thought it would be so attractive to live with the sea as your close partner for a very long time. The challenge and the adventure in trying to accommodate to whatever the weather Gods were up to, and also reaching foreign places and meeting new people. I never came to that point in my life because of children, work, divorce, houses to maintain and so on, and I have also, by putting on age, turned out a bit lazy. Happiness when I’m offered an opportunity to sail from a very convenient place, my one desk! I like hearing all kinds of stories from you like sitting by the steering wheel or finding a harbor place when the night falls. And stories from all the places you visit, it’s such a good reading.
    I follow every move that you take!
    Cheers from Cribben


    1. Cheers Cribben!
      Kul att du är med och följer äventyret! Du är välkommen att mönstra på och segla en bit om du vill ge ungdomsdrömmen en match 😉 Jens hälsar: “Vadå gammal, du är väl bara mer erfaren? Det borde vara en fördel!?”


  5. Hey Petra, nice pics.. but how come in the middle of Biscay you are just wearing a summer T shirt and Jens is all hooded and dressed up for a severe winter?


    1. Hi Paul! Well, the thing with this post was that I had not enough internet to post any new photos – so this is an old photo from when we sailed from Copenhagen! Across Bay of Biscay we were wearing matching floatation suits, don´t you worry 😉
      Hope all is well in Tipperary and Belfast marina


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