We are looking for crew!

Do you want to join our crew for a couple of weeks or a month?

We are currently looking for some extra crew for sailing France, Spain or Portugal.

Potential stretches to join (March-June):
La Rochelle to Santander (across Bay of Biscay)
Spanish north coast west of Santander

You don´t have to be an experienced sailor, but we do hope you have experience being out on the sea. We take shifts hand-steering the boat, and expect you to do the same (but there is plenty of time to learn if you have not done it before).


So why should you go sailing with us?

  • Wonderful nature experiences out at sea
  • Experience sailing on the Atlantic
  • Explore coastal towns in France/Spain/Portugal
  • Learn more about sailing, navigation and seamanship
  • It´s fun! Harmony is the priority, not the speed.

IMG_57322016-10-20 13.15.38.jpg

Please note that the weather can be a bit rough on the Atlantic this time of the year, and it´s still not so warm. But it will get warmer as we cruise south and even though we have a very seaworthy boat we make sure to stay in harbour if there are gale warnings or other conditions that make the sailing too unpleasant. This means that it requires a lot of flexibility in terms of where we stop and when we sail. The weather is our main concern!

DSCN0845.JPGWhat we expect from you:

  • Cover you own travel expenses to/from the boat
  • Share the costs of harbour fees and food with us
  • Share the tasks onboard, based on experience and ability
  • Have an interest in learning new things
  • Listen to the captain´s orders! 😉

Well of course, if you are a more experienced sailor than us, we do hope you want to share your knowledge with us too!


Please let us know if you are interested, and we will tell you all you want to know 🙂

P.S. Friends and family will take priority certain weeks



Author: sailingforharmony

Cruising the oceans, exploring the world

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