If you ever visit Cornwall…

If you ever visit Cornwall, you might find yourself in Newlyn like we did (at least if you are coming by boat). Newlyn one of Britain’s biggest fishing ports, the harbour is filled with fishing vessels of all sorts of colours, sizes and shapes. This means that there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the goodies from the sea. The village has plenty of hotels and restaurants, both by the sea and up on the hill. It is well worth to take a walk along the river, up the hill and enjoy the view.


If you stay the night in Newlyn, have dinner at the Tolcarne Inn where the fish is as fresh as the staff is friendly. If you happen to mention that you sailed here from Ireland (it´s not just us, right?), there might be some nice guests sitting by the table next to you that starts chatting with you, inviting you to borrow their bikes if you would like to explore more of Cornwall.


Now if you then would decide to lend some bikes – go east by following the shore to Penzance (2 miles), where you will find lots of shops and restaurants, small alleys and lots of second hand stores. When you need some extra energy, go to the Honey Pot Café and enjoy a tasty cake or try the fabulous lamb on hot hummus for lunch. Nearby you will find the Morrab exotic garden, where the roses are in full bloom already in February.


Continue east along the water to Marazion, and try to match your arrival with low tide. This means that you can walk (!) on the causeway out to the island St Michaels Mount, where the family of Lord St Levan has lived in the castle and managed the island since the 17th century. Besides the castle, about 35 people still live on the island which has a rich history, evident e.g. in the church that dates back to 1135.


On the way back, you might want to take a detour on the way back, pass the railway and highway to visit Tremenheere sculpture garden. We weren’t that impressed with the sculptures, but the exotic garden and the nice view makes it worth a visit. Now it´s getting dark and it´s about time to head back to Newlyn to take a pint with the fishermen in one of the pubs?


To explore the coast west of Newlyn, we recommend that you stretch your legs. There is a beautiful pathway just outside the village which lets you walk comfortable along the coast, which consists of cliffs and beaches made of pebbles. Have a picnic and watch the waves roll in, or wait until you get to Mousehole (3 miles) to get some snack. The Rock Pool Café is one of the first things you see, they have magnificent view of the sea. For a cheaper option, wait until you get into the village and stop at Pam’s Pantry for the traditional Cornish cream tea for two (including a pot of tea, scones, jam and clotted cream).


If you want to explore further west, we highly recommend going Porthcurno to enjoy a performance at the Minack theatre, which has a wonderful backdrop of the sea and cliffs. Make sure to take a look at the museum to read about the history of how Rowena Cade got the idea to turn her garden into a amphitheatre, and her work on the theatre as well as taking care of kids that moved here during the second world war.


While you´re in Porthcurno, take the trail down from the cliffs to one of the sandy beaches to take a swim or just enjoy the view.


If you happen to get a visit by friends from London with a car, you could take a ride up to the northern Cornwall coast to visit one of the bigger towns with lots to offer for visiting tourists – St Ives. Besides the many shops and restaurants, St Ives is surrounded by large sandy beaches and is considered to have the best night life in the area.


Now that you have seen the most of west Cornwall you might be satisfied and wanting to just relax. Or, you might want to visit the biggest attraction in this part of England – The Eden project. But more about that next time!

– Petra


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6 thoughts on “If you ever visit Cornwall…”

  1. Hej en riktigt fin guidning verkar mycket att se jag var i plymouth på språkresa för 50 år sedan kommer ihåg stränderna och de branta klipporna fiskebåtar pubar trädgårdar m,m fint . God fortsatt tur A gneta

    Skickat från min iPhone

    > 18 feb 2017 kl. 22:44 skrev SAILING FOR HARMONY : > > >


    1. Ja då gick det vilt till!? 😀 Fanns mer att se än vad vi hann med men jag tror vi är nöjda med att ha utforskat Cornwall både till fots, cykel, bil och tåg. Nu ska vi upptäcka er favorit Bretagne istället!


  2. Hej!
    Mycket roligt att läsa rapporten från Cornwall. Jag var där flera gånger i slutet av 60-talet och början av 70-talet. Det började med en språkresa till Penzance. Nostalgiläge alltså. Det var länge sen men jag känner igen mycket och längtar tillbaka.
    F.ö. vill jag uttrycka min beundran för ert tuffa seglande.
    Önskar er goda vindar och många fina upplevelser!
    Britt-Marie (& Björn )


    1. Vad kul med nostalgiläge! Hade ingen aning om att man kunde åka på språkresa till Penzance. Vi gillade verkligen sydvästra Cornwall!
      Tack för peppen, vi längtar till lättare segling i ljumma vindar men kusten är fin alla årstider 🙂



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