Family visit, shopping spree and southerly winds as far as we can see

The days and weeks continue to pass by here in Belfast. While we have never been so ready before, the prevailing southwesterly winds don´t seem to move a bit. As long as the forecast is available, there will be southerly winds and that means we will stay here. If there is weak winds, we might give it a go and take the first run down to Ardglass by motor.

But there have been some fun stuff happening the last week!

Jens parents decided to fly over for the weekend. Unfortunately their flights were six hours delayed, but we got 1,5 day to show them around Belfast. After showing them around the harbour and giving them an update on the renovation progress we went downtown for some shopping. After some shoeshopping we found an Indian restaurant on the square and decided to grab some lunch.

We continued to the tour by going through the Victoria shopping centre and up in the dome where you can get a good view over Belfast.


After some beer and irish coffee at the Morning star we took a break to relax before heading out for dinner. We passed through the cathedral quarter and stopped to look at all the whiskey bottles on display. It was a really nice having the family here and just taking the day as it comes.


Thank you Sören and Lotta for travelling for so long to come see us, it was a pleasure having you here!

With everything in place, in the beginning of the week we decided to take the boat out for a spinn around the harbour to see that the batteries and motor were in tiptop shape.


It felt great to be out on the water again! I look forward to heading south. We have spent some time planning the route south. There are two different routes to choose from getting to France, based on the advice of the locals. We will go along the irish coast, but then either cross to the Scilly Isles and directly to France from there or go along the English coast. The weather will decide! The other day we also had Mike over for a fika and talked about his years of cruising the Mediterranean. We know that we would like to go to Greece and visit our friends in Kefalonia, but otherwise we are quite open. And while we had hoped to have got further by now, when you look at the weather forecast it seems actually that Ireland has some of the warmest weather in Europe right now (along our intended route). Thank you North Atlantic Current!

We have become a little bit of shopaholics since we got here, taking advantage of the possibility to order a lot of stuff online. This year we have invested in a new camera, speakers, an electric hob, some bowls, books and lamps. There is no shortage in projects to complete 😉 Yesterday one important project was finalised – you can now find us via the AIS! You can go to Marinetraffic or other similar site and search for Mouni or our MMSI nr 265758300. (or click this link There´s no more sneaking opportunities for us…

Now it´s time to enjoy the sunny weather here. Hope you all have a great weekend!

– Petra





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