A tribute to Rekefjord

As we head west, the mountains by the coast just keep getting bigger. The magnificent nature of Norway presents itself. We were trying to make big progress this day, since we had a visit scheduled in Stavanger a few days away. With great wind in the sails we continued past our planned night harbour and decided to try out a harbour we didn´t know anything about – somewhere in the Rekefjord. It was steep mountains all around, and we saw the first sailboat since October started heading in the same direction.


As we came closer to the lighter part of the mountains we had seen from afar, we realized there were some type of stone mining here (turns out Rekefjord has a quarry and has been shipping iron ore overseas for several hundred years), and we started questioning our decision. But as we passed through the industrial harbour, the cutest little fjord appeared.


Rekefjord guest harbour is a small pier deep inside the fjord to the right. There is a small village and several fishing boats stationed here, but not much more. If you want to go shopping or buy some food, “Hauge i Dalene” is nearby. The guest harbour offered not only free showers and a cosy room to hang out (not common in Norway), but also bikes that you could lend for free. Join us on our bike ride up and down the mountains!


Since we wanted to see more of the inland, we took left and started riding towards Hauge i Dalene. The ride offered so much nice views over the mountains and the surroundings that our smiles got bigger for every km. After Hauge i Dalane, we decided to continue towards Bjåfjäll and the signs indicated that there was a place of historic interest. The mountains were calling us!


We could here the roaring river from a distance, and then we found it. A small waterfall and such a beautiful landscape that we fell in love.


The most wonderful thing was that we had it all to ourselves.


After listening to the water and having an apple we continued a bit further to “Ruggesteinen”, one of the biggest stones that is possible to move by hand weighing about 75 tons (of course Jens had a go and succeeded 😉 But it was also a really beautiful place to rest.

2016-10-10 11.38.07.jpg

After a while, we decided to climb a bit of the mountain before heading back.


Blåfjell gave us just the right type of rest and exercise we needed.


So sailors heading north towards Stavanger, remember to stop by Rekefjord!

Now we have picked up our new crew member in Egersund and are heading towards Stavanger, more about that the next time!


– Petra



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