Progress when wind-bound

So, once again we are wind-bound due to the stormy weather that lets us know that the autumn has arrived. First we got stuck in Grebbestad for some days, and now we have been resting and waiting for our window of opportunity in the weather to continue west. Restless and full of ideas, this does not mean that we lay in bed all day and relax, nope! So what have we been doing?

In Grebbestad, we focused a on making the boat a more functional and nicer home:

  • Painting the ceiling in the boat white. In the long run, we want to isolate it from cold/heat and sound by a putting up a carpet or cork, but the white colour makes it much lighter and prettier until then.
  • Repairing the fridge. New plastic surface inside that cover the hole made when we moved the compressor. The fridge is mounted on a sliding shelf under the kitchen stove. We also painted the lid and some new additions to the sliding shelf.
  • Replacing the galley pump. We have had problems to get enough pressure for a decent water flow in the tap. Finally, when Jens installed a new pump for the third time it  works well! We use a bilge-pump instead of a ordinary galley pump, since it gives us  a lot more capacity for a cheaper price (400 SEK instead of 2500).
  • Cleaning the bilge. When shopping all that food for the weeks to come, we are storing food also in the bilge – perfect for canned food and beer 😉
  • Putting up an isolated drapery. We now have a drapery that separates the living area from the storage and toilet in the forepeak. This makes it easier for us to keep it nice and warm where we sleep even though the weather gets colder.

Besides this, we made another try sealing the mast so that no water can get into the boat and we finally finished the tiller. Big milestone! I have been working on the tiller from time to time since we left Västerås, might go through all the steps with you at some point.
dsc_0660-copyHere in Lillesand, we haven´t spent much time relaxing either (even though that was the idea). Jens have focused a lot on making the boat even more safe, for the crossings and rough weather that will come sooner or later:

  • Installed safety deck-lines. On our life-vests we have a safety harness that will be connected to the deck lines and preventing us from falling of the boat, even if there are big waves or if the deck is slippery from water.
  • Adding a cleat next to the starboard winch to secure the genua furling line.
  • Modifying the genua rail setup so that we can easily switch between the genua and jib.
  • Installing the sun-ventilator in the forepeak hatch (to ventilate the toilet) and installed an old style robust steel ventilator which can be properly closed, preventing water from entering the boat.


Inside the boat, with some adjustments we were able to hang up our fruit hammock! It is a classic feature in blue water cruising boats, since you need to stack up a lot of food and the hammock helps keep the fruits and vegetables fresh in the net and it can also swing as the boat leans back and forth.

2007-01-11-08-57-33We have never been so ready for the big seas! 😀

But of course, it is not only the boat who has to be in shape. All that sitting when we´re sailing needs to be balanced with other type of activity on land. We haven´t been so good at that, besides taking long walks. But here in Lillesand we ran up the hill and around the little lake, stopping for some strength exercices before we went back to the harbour. Even gave Jens a haircut, so now we are on the right track inside and out.


Hope you all enjoy the autumn sun, storms and crisp weather!

– Petra





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