West coast hopping and stopping

The Swedish coast has come to an end. The last stop we have made is in the Koster islands just south off Norway. We have spent a great deal of the time in the west coast with family and friends. Here´s what we´ll remember:

Experiencing the beautiful landscape on island Mjörn together with Anneli. We stopped by one of Jens friends from the outdoor academy who lives outside Stenungsund. She took us out for some a much needed exercise in a wonderful forest nearby with big rocks, caves and trees and a wonderful view over the archipelago from “Solklinten”. Annelis friend also offered Jens what he has longed for – a sextant! Together with the very attractive fishing gear that we also got from Anneli these extra equipments could be more valuable than gold for us.


Experiencing Lysekil and sailing with family. My family came to visit for a few days in their camper. We enjoyed a walk in Lysekil and sailed together to Kungshamn and Smögen for a nice lunch before continuing up north. They also helped us get essential items for the boat. Now we finally have a life raft!


Our first fjord and the pretty canal outside Smögen. Didn´t actually know we had fjords in Sweden, but we have sailed through two of them on our way up north. I also enjoyed cruising through the Sote canal, built to decrease the accidents at sea on the rough seas in the Sotefjord right outside.


Strong winds and high waves. We had our share of big waves on the way up north. I cheered like we were riding a carousel, and Jens got a little bit seasick…


New friendships and good food. The stormy weather that begun after we arrived in Grebbestad continued for four days, so we got more time with Torbjörn and Katrine at their Kayaking centre. We also spent some time at their house together together with their British visitors.


Stacking up and spending money. Norway is famous for being one of the most expensive countries on earth, so we decided to stack up and buy food for the next three weeks. Good practice for future trips (e.g. the three weeks it should take us across the Atlantic). We now have food everywhere on our tiny boat, even in the water tank (the second one that we don´t use at the moment).


The first (and only??) time  we ran aground.  On one of the many seminars we attended during the planning phase of this adventure we were told there were three types of sailors; those who has run aground, those who will run aground and those who lie. We are now proud to announce we belong to the first category! When the winds finally decreased we decided to leave Grebbestad and continue our journey. We had just waved goodbye to our friends when Jens announced – “I think we ran aground”. Turns out it was shallow waters just meters from were we had our boat the last few days, but Torbjörn and our motor helped us get off and away!


Now we are crossing our fingers that we will make a little bit faster journey up the Norwegian coast, and to be able to visit a “real” fjord before crossing the North Sea.

– Petra


Author: sailingforharmony

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