Going abroad – Copenhagen, Denmark

When you´re entering a new country by the sea, it is courtesy to raise a guest flag. Denmark was the first of many to come (fingers crossed)! We arrived Monday afternoon in Margretheholms havn, just outside Copenhagen. The harbours here are much larger than what we are used to, but the service has been good and it was easy to find a spot.


The first night we got a tour from our friends Micke and Kathrine who lives in the southern part of the city. We strolled down Refshavevej, past some nice houseboats and also Jens favourite place – “the pirate harbour”. Several people live on the boats here but half of the boats are on their way under water.


Passing by some nice easygoing places by the water, we then took a walk through Cristiania and ended up eating dinner at a wonderful thai restaurant “Caféloppen” in Sydområdet 4e. Best food we ate so far this journey!


The day after we took the boat to a new harbour – Svanemøllen. It is one of the largest in Copenhagen with room for over 700 (!) boats . We had wonderful summer weather our whole stay in Copenhagen, and when we sailed between the harbours Jens had to throw a bucket of water over me so I didn´t get a heatstroke.


We changed to this harbour to make it easier for our supplier/partner that we got the electric motor from to come do some tests and add some more equipment, I´ll let Jens describe more about that in a later post. What was fun about Svanemøllen was that we really got a sense of boat life in Denmark. There are quite some differences!

  • Danish boats sail not only to the outside of the harbour, but inside the harbour and often right into their spot.
  • They use their sailboats all the time, e.g. some hours after work.
  • They seem to value and use all types of old boats, not only the new or the vintage wooden ones.

At least in Svanemøllen, they also have a strong tradition of going out for a race, regatta, at least once a week. We were out testing the motor and had a nice view of all the boats one evening.

2016-09-14-07-12-00Racing catamarans, old wooden boats, “späckhuggare” and GRP-hulls (the common plastic boats) were all competing next to each other.

2016-09-14-07-46-44 Not only sailing boats filled the harbour, but also motor yachts, rowing boats and kayaks were going in and out. Cutest of all were the line of “optimists” with kids taking sailing course. 

The last day we spent taking a walk in the heat into the center and having a look at the 17th century fortress, “Den Lille Havfrue” and tracking down a supermarket.

2016-09-15-03-06-58The evening was spent on our neighbour boat next-door, drinking beer and talking about his experiences sailing across the Atlantic and cruising around the Caribbean. Thanks for sharing your experiences and cheering us on!

Now we are in the middle of the ocean between Denmark and Sweden, on the island Ven. More about that next time! Hope you all have been enjoying the sun and summer feeling!

– Petra




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