South coast cruising

Now we have also crossed the south coast off our list. We made sure to take advantage of the times when the wind was a little stronger and in our direction – which meant night sailing several nights. But, we also had some time to explore a city of Jens ancestors and visit relatives of mine.


After leaving Karlshamn, we sailed the next day to Sölvesborg. Jens great grandma used to live here. In Sölvesborg, we started looking for some new sunglasses for Jens, but still haven´t managed to find any with dark enough glass for sailing. The day after we reached Åhus, a pretty little town which offers good icecream, cute houses but not so many things are open off-season. We took the opportunity to wash, Jens changed the pentry pump into a bilge pump and we did some grocery shopping. We catched the southeastern winds in the afternoon and got a really nice day on the sea – even made apple crumble pie on-board.


We continued sailing into the night, passing Simrishamn and steering or sleeping in shifts. It was pretty hard to sleep when one´s shift was over. We were planning to sail until the winds decreased. At first everything was going well, but then the we were just bouncing up and down the waves without getting any progress. It was impossible to sleep! After Jens got seasick and me not managing to sleep at all we gave up and turned in to Ystad harbor, arriving about 5 o´clock in the morning. It was so nice to get some sleep!



Ystad harbour at 5 and 10 o´clock in the morning

We got in contact with my aunt and met them in the city center, passing by the peaceful area around the monastery before showing them our boat and joining them for BBQ at their house. It was a nice break after the night sailing to sit in a garden and eat good food and eat some of their yummy blackberries. To sum it up, we really liked Ystad!


We also got the chance to visit the local marine store “Tackel och Tåg”. We highly recommend it if you pass by Ystad harbor –  they have new, second hand and even antique parts for boats and marine interior. We bought a ventilator, a new compass holder and a vintage book that will teach us how to navigate by the stars.

The day after we decided to sail in the afternoon and then rest a few hours by dropping the anchor before taking on the night shift again. The best anchorage we could find was outside Smygehamn, the most southern point of Sweden. But since there were southern winds we never really managed to get some sleep, but we waited until the wind got a little bit lighter before we set sails early morning and managed to get to the Falsterbo canal nine o´clock that morning.


Now we are in Copenhagen to meet up with some friends and the supplier of our electric motor. More on that in the next post!

– Petra


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