East coast memories

Quite a milestone to have finished off the east coast of Sweden and time to explore the south! We didn´t antcipate this part to take so long, but since we have had very little wind and mostly by the nose this first part of the journey have given us a lesson in patience and in the same time shifted our priorities to finish some renovation when there were no wind.

So, what were the highlights of the east coast? We made a list!

Close to the sea, cute old houses and a nice view of the archepelago, the best guest harbour of the stops we made this year goes to – Arkösund outside Norrköping.


We haven´t really had many chances to drop the anchor thsi time since there has been little wind and we had to recharge the batteries often. But by far the most memorable anchorage spot was outside Äspeskär in Stendörren archipelago outside Nyköping.


The best (and only?) tourist attraction of the trip so far have been Kalmar slott, really scenic place with interesting history of defending the swedish coast.


I wouldn´t say we have been away far enough or long enough to miss home, but we have also met a great deal of friends along the way – the biggest bonus of touring the East coast! Thank you everyone who took the chance to visit us when we passed by! Two of the boat owners that we got to know in Västerås also met up with us in different places – Thomas and Rolle from Gäddeholm that we met in Trosa and Piotor that we met in Kalmar guest harbour (seen below).


Jens parents on their boat Vahine were a great company and help the first week of our journey. They get the award of best helpers – not only with renovation but also making great barbeque in the evening and giving us a tow! 🙂


Of course, we have had our share of misfortunes and surprising events too. The most annoying thing lost at sea was a really nice old-fashioned three-corded hemp rope that Jens spent several hours cleaning so that we could use it in the interior of the boat, but forgot to tie it and we lost it when sailing. We have also lost a couple of sun glasses and a brush…

The most surprising/scary event of the East coast was when we were at this really nice quiet anchorage (picture below). We were relaxing after dinner and talking to a friend over the phone, when suddenly we heard something on the boat. Someone was knocking on the hull! We looked through the window and there stood this man looking at us! Jens went out and it turned out to be a fisherman that passed by and saw that we dropped our anchor right were they just put down a water line, and he just wanted to ask us to take it easy when lifting the anchor again.


Thank you East coast for your wonderful archipelago, varying nature and nice people! We will miss you.

– Petra


Author: sailingforharmony

Cruising the oceans, exploring the world

3 thoughts on “East coast memories”

  1. Vackra bilder. Inte mycket som slår Sverige i skönhet.
    Jag som är van att få hjälp av järnspinnakern undrar hur länge ni kan använda er elhjälpmotor? Är den kopplad på den befintliga axeln o propellern.
    Segla på🚣🏼


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