Changing the state of mind

The first week of our journey has come to an end. This week we have traveled from Västerås to Arkösund, a journey both in distance and in state of mind. We decided long time ago that if we would do this journey, the goal would be to change the way we live our life into a life with less stress, more precence in the moment and prioritising health and harmony before ambitious goals. Changing the mindset has been the most challenging this week. We are still rather stressed and worn out from trying to renovate the boat fast enough to leave close to the deadline we had set out. Even after we left, the thought of sailing in autumn storms has left us with a sense of urgency of sailing around Sweden to make some of the crossings before the autumn arrives. But the goal has always been to sail in harmony rather than travel far, so yesterday we made a decision. Drop all deadlines and plans and take each day as it comes. There are things to discover, interesting people to meet and great sailing opportunities wherever we are!

But lets take a peak of what we have been doing the last few days. After leaving Södertälje, we have had rainy days and fog on the way to Trosa and sunny weather when we left…


Enjoyed some of our favourite swedish things, such as rice pudding, blueberries, and crayfish party with Jens family…


We stayed in Dragsvik outside Nyköping a couple of days to fix some last things we wanted to get done at the boat with the help of Jens parents. Like working on our new tiller (Swe: rorkult) that will replace the broken one. We also installed the tap and pump in the galley, cut the mattress to suit our bed, cleaned some rope that will cover our mast inside the boat  and started building the last closet for our boxes.



Sören sawing the tiller in roughly the right shape, and me scraping it round and even.

The last day we decided to move the work station to one of the nice islands right outside the harbour, in the popular area of “Stendörren”. Awesome place to work! 🙂

Thank you also to Rolf Grossman, who paddled up next to us and took a great shot of Mouni. Hope your cruising dreams come true one day!


After dinner with friends in the Arkösund harbour yesterday, we are now heading for the baptism of little Iris. Hope you are all enjoying the weekend in the sun!

– Petra



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5 thoughts on “Changing the state of mind”

    1. Haha not even close! Jens says: “genväg är senväg” 😉 he´s still traumatized from when you guys paddled there. We´re in Västervik today and leaving for Oskarshamn.


  1. Hej,
    happy to hear from you and that you are entering a “sailing mode of life”. Rubina will on Monday start a one week sailing tentatively to Visby and then back to Gäddeholm. The winds lokks good for both of us!
    Keep on enjoying life and your sailing!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Jens and Petra,
    An idea! Why not test an overnight trip to Visby. I hope to be there with Rubina noon Wednesday.
    Would be nice to meet you again before you leave Sweden.
    I will buy you (at least) one beer at a local pub!
    Hans S/Y Rubina, (the red sailboat in Gäddeholm)


    1. Hi Hans! Great idea, would be great to see you again and get more wisdom such as “enjoying life at less than 2 knots” 🙂 But we are leaving for Oskarshamn today, have plans to meet some friends there already. Hope you get a good stay in Gotland and great sailing on your way there!


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