Lock and towing experience on our way to Södertälje

Day two offered nice calm winds, unfortunately direct nose wind all day long. We tried sailing with the genua and the main sail, but only seldom managed to get over 2,5 knots and decided to continue on motor.

Since we had no electricity in the Stallarholmen guest harbour, the batteries were only half charged and it seemed like a close call to reach all the way into Södertälje by our electric motor. We really got the chance to work on our slow life attitude, sailing for harmony, decreasing the pace to less than 3 knots to conserve the precious battery power. The scenery was nice!

After a short stop by Slandö kalv, just outside Södertälje canal, we decided to give it a try reaching Södertälje marina with the little battery we had left. Worst case scenario, Vahine could give us a tow into Södertälje.

Guess what, we tried out the towing experience 😉 Maybe we could have made it but we wanted to save the last few percentages for maneuvering in the marina and safely dock in a slip. After the Södertälje bridge, we went through the lock and found two nice spots at the guest harbour.

Today on our third day we made a break to go visit Jens grandma for her birthday. Tomorrow we will continue out in the Baltic Sea.

– Petra


Author: sailingforharmony

Cruising the oceans, exploring the world

2 thoughts on “Lock and towing experience on our way to Södertälje”

  1. Skepp o’hoj! (Det finns en liiiiten risk att jag kommer börja alla mina kommentarer på detta sätt framöver ;)) Härligt att hör att ni äntligen är iväg på ert äventyr! Stort lycka till på färden. Vi kommer att tänka på er och ser fram emot att följa ert äventyr! Stor kram


  2. You are on a learning curve! Relax and slow down. The motor is only to be used in critical situations. Learn to enjoy life in less than 2 knots. Get a 100 watt solar panel that will fully charge your batteries in about 10 days. In the mean time read books and take care of your boat and yourself. Hans on S/Y Rubina.
    PS Arkholmen is a nice alternative for next stop. DS


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