Bye bye Gäddeholm!


Finally, the day arrived. After 24 hours of packing and fixing the last bits and pieces, we left home port to start our adventure. The other day our plans were described in the local newspaper, and many curious people has come by to say hello and wish us good fortune. The last few days, Jens parents joined us in Gäddeholm to help out with the last step in the renovation and sail along with us the first week of our journey. We left just as the sun shined through the clouds.

DSC_0341Happy sailors on their way

The day offered both really good opportunities to try out the new sails as well as the new engine. Our top speed was 7,4 knots on the main sail and genua.



Waiting for the Strängnäs bridge to open, Jens parents boat on the right.

After a short stop in Strängnäs, we decided to continue a bit longer. Shortly after the rain started to pour but we found comfort in a cup of hot cocoa. Our first safe mooring for the night is Stallarholmen marina. We arrived pretty late but was greeted by friends who wanted to say goodbye before we left the county. After dinner on Jens parents boat, Wahini, we are now tucked in ready to sleep.

– Petra



Author: sailingforharmony

Cruising the oceans, exploring the world

4 thoughts on “Bye bye Gäddeholm!”

  1. Åh! Tänk att ni är på väg – på ert stora äventyr 🙂 Ska bli superspännande att följa era strapatser framöver! Ta hand om varandra så hörs vi! Stora kramar


    1. Tack för pappet bästa Karin ❤ Vi passerar Gunnars hemtrakter snart, i Västervik på väg söderut 🙂 Kram


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