(Oh) we get by with a little help from our friends

We knew that this last month of renovation while living aboard would not be easy, but with the end goal in mind we were sure it would be worth it. Since my vacation started, we have worked on the boat every day. But not all the time – we have been fortunate enough to have lots of visits from dear friends and family! We decided early on that we would not say no to anyone who wanted to come visit us, even though it would slow us down with the renovation. Some have you have even come by to help!

We are so happy for all of you who have come by visiting us – bringing some snack, lunch or even breakfast just to see us and the boat before we leave. I think we have met more of ours friends this last month than the whole last year!


Earlier this spring we also decided that we wanted to have a farewell party before we set sails, so that we could gather as many friends and family as possible and celebrate the start of our adventure. The invitation was sent out: bring your family, something to put on the grill and we will make a big cake and let you know about our plans and dreams. We were happy to see so many showed up, over 40 people!



We invited everyone to share their best advice with us and cheer us on in the guest book – friends of sailing for harmony. So what did our community want to tell us? First some advice:

  • Jens grow your beard! Petra let Jens grow his beard! -David
  • Make sure that your partner is not hungry and follow your moral compass -Kenneth & Sara
  • Seagulls are fun when you look for land but not when you´re on land –Emelie and Andreas

Remember that..

“If you miss home, remember that you brought your home with you” -Nina

“There is no adventure without smaller mishaps” -Cissi

“Even if there is stormy weather, the relationship doesn´t have to be” –Dan

Thank you guys! Now we have a book of wisdom from all the people we will miss.


We are still busy renovating, and have postponed the start of our journey a couple of days waiting for our contact to help us configure the battery charger settings. We´ll let you know when we are on our way!



Author: sailingforharmony

Cruising the oceans, exploring the world

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