Sail away – rig work

When starting a project there is often a mental picture in ones head about the procedure and how it will end up, i.e. the goal, the finish line. The dream. For me that goal is a serious downshift; throwing the watch and clogged schedules out the window and instead sailing away to distant shores and exploring remote islands. Often one finds out there is a big discrepancy between the dream and the reality, or at least I do 😉


One of these discrepancies is rigging the boat. In my head it all sounded very easy – it’s just to add a second forestay, build a bow sprit, buy a new boom, make a new boom bracket and move it further up the mast, change the all cables in the mast and replace the navigation lights with new energy saving LED ones and then sail away. In reality minutes, hours and days were consumed by what many engineers would call compatibility problems. In other words; the different parts just simple does not fit together. Especially not when the original mast and rig were built in the seventies and spare parts are not easy to find. After stepping the mast, taking it down again, restepping it again and after that taking the backstay down another four times the good news is that finally everything is in place.


The bad news is that the backstay needs to be taken down a fifth time to change a toggle up in the top (when the part hopefully arrives later this week) and the new boom bracket really should be moved down closer to the deck about 250 mm or so. But during the process I really got to know the rigging of the boat and that is a nice feeling.

A few words of caution for everyone taking on a project to change the rigging: If someone ensures you that a particular part for sure fits your particular boat never trust them until you have verified this on your own, twice!

Do not let a few problems stop your dreams
– Jens


Author: sailingforharmony

Cruising the oceans, exploring the world

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