The Journey Begins

Today a huge milestone was passed when we moved aboard our sailboat Mouni. One could say that this marks the start of our journey. But, when thinking more carefully on what makes a starting point it is actually hard to say when this adventure began. Actually, we have not sailed a single nautical mile yet (at least not on this journey) and therefore one could say that the journey does not start until we actually throw the bowlines and set sail, several weeks from now. On the other hand, one could also say that the journey started about a year ago when it was decided that we were going on this adventure. Or, maybe even earlier than that – when the first idea popped up in the head and was carefully nourished as a little seed. Depending on the way one looks upon the situation we might been on the adventure for about two years already or we might still have a number of weeks left before it begins. Either way today marks a profound change when we no longer have an apartment to live in and the first small steps adapting to the everyday life on our boat has begun!

– Jens


1) Mouni on her way down in the water 2) Woke up to birdsong this morning, the very first morning she became our home


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